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Rainer Kettemann

Production Manager / Project Manager

Fon: +49 (0)79 04 943 997-31

Fax: +49 (0)79 04 943 997-97

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New Arrivals - Used machines

Conveyor belt 5883
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type:NIS 500
Year of construction:1983
Conveyor belt
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type:TVK 1500
Year of construction:1986
Filling machine VFM 3002 No. 3134
Thumbnail of: Filling machine VFM 3002 No. 3134
Type:VFM 3002 No. 3134
Year of construction:1992
Filling and sealing machine - Vials No. 50946
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type:KSF 1027 No. 50946
Year of construction:1997
Sealing machine + flanging + vacuuming KS 1020 No. 58282
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type:KS 1020 No. 58282
Year of construction:1992
Labelling Machine ESA1025 No. 57183
Thumbnail of: Labelling Machine ESA1025 No. 57183
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type:ESA1025 No. 57183
Year of construction:1988
Labelling Machine ESA1006 No. 5555
Thumbnail of: Labelling Machine ESA1006 No. 5555
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type:ESA1006 No. 5555
Year of construction:1984
Filling- and Closingmachine No. 59235
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type:AFV 1010
Year of construction:1998
Closing Machine
Thumbnail of: Closing Machine
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type:RVB 12000 No. 57879
Year of construction:1991
Labelling Machine ESA 1000 No. 56191
Thumbnail of: Labelling Machine  ESA 1000 No. 56191
Brand/Make:Bausch + Stroebel
Type: ESA 1000 No. 56191
Year of construction:1985

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