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GMPi Maschinen GmbH receives ISO certification

As the independent testing and certification organization DEKRA Certification attests, the quality management system of this specialist in mechanical engineering meets all the requirements of the internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The steadily rising demands in the machinery and plant engineering industry today require on-going quality on a high level.

Therefore, the basic objective of our quality management is to ensure sustainable and permanent quality in the areas development, manufacturing, sales and service of new and used production and packaging systems for the pharmaceutical, medical and related industries with focus on diagnostics, including all operating and working procedures.

In the audits, a critical look was directed at the implementation of the quality policy, the documentation of procedures, processes and testing procedures as well as the measures that are used to ensure a continuous improvement process. Besides the purely organizational aspects, DEKRA Certification assessed especially positively the high customer and quality orientation of all employees.

The holistic approach for customer and process orientation of the quality management system as defined in the standards is ensured by cross-functional transparent and uniform standards. All the important processes are defined. Their quality is constantly monitored, checked during regular audits, and continuously optimized. The standard DIN EN ISO 9001 has become the world-wide evaluation benchmark for quality management systems. Certification is valid for three years.


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