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    Creative solutions for individual requests.

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    Creative solutions for individual requests.

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    Creative solutions for individual requests.

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    Kreative Lösungen für individuelle Anforderungen.

We plan, design, manufacture and assemble machine for the pharmaceutical, medical and related industries with focus on diagnostics – including for ambitious, customer-specific production tasks customer-specific production tasks that cannot be handled with standard machines.

as well as modernisation of used machines.

  • Over 10 years experience in trading and modernizing machines and plants for the pharamceutical, cosmetics, foodstuffs and chemical industries.

  • Commissioning and training
  • Assembly and disassembly of plants
  • Repair and maintenance work on-site
  • Spare parts and after sales service

  • We carry out the assembly service for partial or complete assembly for mechanical as well as electro-mechanical components.
  • On-site assembly, initial startup and functional tests

We produce complex work pieces ready for installation for planned and constructed machines. This enables us to monitor each production step regarding quality and precision of our plants.

Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015

Continuous and reliable quality on a high level

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